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Smooch Shakes

A range of milkshakes that are so thick we had to get wider straws! Soft-serve ice cream blended with a range of popular confectionery products and topped with sauces and sprinkles.  Regular (12 Oz) and Large (20 Oz BIG!)

Best Sellers



A thick and creamy shake made with Madagascan vanilla soft serve iced cream and blended with Oreo biscuits and a rich chocolate sauce. All topped off with whipped cream and more chocolate sauce. Once for the chocolate lovers!



A thick and creamy shake created by blending our favourite Biscoff biscuits with Madagascan vanilla soft serve ice cream. We then top the shake with fresh whipped cream and warm biscoff sauce... Who doesn’t love Biscoff?!



One for the strawberry lovers... We blend fresh strawberries with our signature vanilla soft serve ice cream to produce a thick and creamy shake. We then top with whipped cream and strawberry sauce... It has to be tasted to be believed!

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